Music For Free People.

To bring light through music and sound.

Welcome to my World.

Les Abyssales Podcasts

Les Abyssales – Deep Sea Project – L’Invité – A Place In Space


The podcast where you rest in the stars.

Music Productions

Asceptic Siliceum – R-Excape – Mor[PH]éüs – The Physical Science


The place where I reinvent my world.

«  The music [techno] is just like Detroit — a complete mistake. It’s like Kraftwerk and George Clinton stuck in an elevator  »



That’s where it all started.
My first hacks on the computer, the discovery of podcasts, then the productions, the serious things, the furious ideas.


C’est à partir de cette phrase que tout a commencé.
Mes premières bidouilles sur ordinateur, la découverte des podcasts, puis les productions, les choses sérieuses, les idées furieuses.